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washing soda 1
3 Tbsp Borax
3 Tbsp Washing Soda
2 Tbsp Dawn (or Gain)
4 C very hot water to dissolve

1. Dissolve everything in a clean 1 gal (milk) jug.
2. Add enough water to bring the volume to 1 gallon.
3. Use 1/2 - 1 C per load. 

-It's low suds so it's good for HE (high efficiency) washers. It uses less water during 
-When I've tried not diluting with more water and use it as a concentrated solution, white crystals will eventually fall out and will not go back into solution.  It still works but I prefer to have all the cleaning agents in solution for best performance. 
-For whites and extra cleaning power, I add 1/2 C hydrogen peroxide and additional 1/2 C super washing soda and 1/2 C Borax, 1/2 C baking soda. Soak for few hours to overnight and launder as usual. For non-whites, I skip the hydrogen peroxide. 
-You can add 1/2 - 1 C white vinegar to the rinse cycle as fabric softener.
-I also skip on the dryer sheets. It contains more toxic chemicals than I'd readlized. I use tennis ball inside a sock or dryer balls instead.

borax   hydrogen peroxide   washing soda 1

Jill has an amazing site with all sorts of homemade stuff that I love and use myself. I'm posting it here so that I can find it easily.