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Enzymes are specialized proteins that speed up every single chemical reaction in your body.  From your cells, organs and bones... to your muscles and tissues—every nook and cranny depends upon essential enzymes.

     Digestive enzymes facilitate the breakdown of foods and the absorption of nutrients.  It works something like this:

     In a perfect world, we eat foods that are bursting with enzymes.  The food travels to the stomach where digestive enzymes set to work breaking down 75% of the food into smaller chunks that the body can absorb.  The food then makes its way to the small intestine, where it is broken down even further by digestive enzymes produced in the pancreas.  Once digestion is complete, nutrients are delivered to the bloodstream, where they nourish your body as nature intended.

     Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world... at least not one that adequately supports digestion.  Modern farming and food techniques strip our food of enzymes.  By the time it's stored, shipped and shelved, a piece of fruit or a bushel of vegetables has 10% less enzymes than it did when it was picked ripe off the vine.  And that's not all!  The foods we eat are cultivated on mineral depleted soil that contains an insufficient amount of enzymes to sustain digestive health.  And if there aren't enough enzymes to metabolize and absorb undigested food, it putrefies in your digestive tract, causing gas, bloating, weight gain, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, premature aging and disease.

     We are also at the mercy of Mother Nature.  No matter how pure our diets, we gradually stop producing enzymes as we age.  Every ten years enzyme production decreases by 13%.  Compare an 18-year-old's enzyme levels to that of a 69-year-old and you have a 30% difference in favor of young!

     But you can flip the scenario and fortify your digestive system with enzyme support in order to absorb and utilize all the nutrients you consume.  Digestive enzymes help flush toxins from your body.  They can even break down accumulated scar tissue!

     Enzymes are inflammation fighters, and are a healthful alternative to harmful prescription anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS such as ibuprofen).  Digestive enzymes soothe joint and muscle pain and reduce inflammation by removing toxins and debris from the blood, thereby improving circulation.  Clean blood that's free of debris helps prevent blood clots and clogged arteries.

     Supplementing with enzymes also boosts immune system efficiency because it increases white blood cell activity and accelerates healing.  You might be thinking, but why can't I just eat enzyme-rich foods?  Because, unfortunately, enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process.  Of course a healthy diet is important, but if you want to nourish your digestive system, then extra enzyme support is imperative.