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Organic loquat leaf has been scientifically shown to have a large amount of incredible health benefits. They are physiological active and act as an anti-inflmmatory, expectorant, appetite suppressant, insulin regulator and antitussive or cough suppressant.  According to "Principles and Practice of Phytotheraphy: Modern Herbal Medicine." The leaves are fairly high in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and vitamins A and C.  The leaves can have a mild sedative effect. To make a tea, the leaves can be grounded once cleaned and dried, added to hot water and left to steep for at least 15 minutes. Below are some uses for this natural herb that my surprise you. 

Aids Mucous Membranes
The extract of the Loquat leaf can be used in a variety of ways. It can assist the body by acting as a mucolytic agent, which helps dissolve thick mucus that holds toxic compounds.

Releases Antioxidants
Loquat leaf helps your body to release anti-oxidants, the wonderful anti-aging agents tha tyour body naturally produces.1 Anti-oxidants have all kinds of benefits, especially the ability to neutralize harmful toxins. It is commonly used to preven tvarious diseases, increase immunity, and add life expectancy.

Combats Diabetes
Organic loquat leaf produces a variety of chemicals called triterpenes, one of which is called tomentic acid. Tomentic acid has been shown to increase insulin production which may help to reduce diabetes.2 It has been approved by the Chinese government as an anti-diabetic agent because it produces a set of natural bodily chemicals known as polysaccharides, which also increase insulin production. 

Other benefits include:

Supports the Pancreas - increases production of insulin

Assists the Liver in Detoxifying Chemicals - contains Amygdalin (Vit B17) which is known to help combat liver disorders, it has antioxidation effects. 

Fights Skin Inflammation - in topical cream, combats edema and histamin-induced skin contraction, helps skin to heal from inflammation of various kinds. 

Aids in the Fight Against Skin Cancer - help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy by adriamycin. It contains chemicals that can slow skin cancer; suppresses cancer cells' ability to reproduce and grow. 

Fights a Variety of Viruses - it produces a variety of acids that produce antigens, which are anti-viral agents. Two such chemicals are megastimane glycosides and polyphenolic constituents, which are known to produce viral antigens. Further, the triterpene chemicals help to directly reduce rhinovirus infections (colds of various kinds).

May help Fight HIV - have mild suppresive effect on the HIV virus, possibily due to the acids present in this herb, such as 2-alpha-hydroxyursolic acid.

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