functional, holistic remedies for modern folks

The effects of Willard's Water varies from animals as well as effectiveness. The overall observation is very positive and effective. The following is a list of few ailments that people have thought that their pet has benefited from drinking WW. 


u Arthritis
u Age-related problems
u Behavior improvements -- less nervousness, agitation, etc.
u Coat appearance improvement
u Diarrhea
u Hot Spots (Dogs)
u Illnesses of various kinds
u Injuries of various kinds
u Weaning from mothers made easier
u Etc. Etc. Etc.

For more, read here. There are some very interesting stories.

Currently, the science has not yet caught up to the reality of how WW works. We just know that it is effective in helping people and animals to be healthy. Just like the traditional Oriental Medicine that has been around for thousands of year. We had no understanding of how most of these herbs worked until fairly recently. But it's been used for thousand of years in the Orient. If you want scientific proof before you would use supplements and herbs, don't hold your breath.