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Tourett's Syndrom is a neurological disorder characterized by tics. It is involuntary, and it appears as rapid, and sudden movements or vocalizations that repeats.  This is possibly caused by abnormal metabolism of the neurotransmitters dopamine & seratonin.

 Home Remedies:

1. Chewing Gum - when tics erupt, chew a piece of gum. Taking Kappra may help but tics still comes. Some trigger may be video games, bright lights, excessive sugar and starches (e.g. potatoes & rice). When there's too much excitment or something that causes nerviousness and stress may also be triggers.

2. Distraction - when tics come, focus on something else such as silly putty, coloring, chewing gum, spinning a beaded ring on finger. Focus on something else that steers away from the possible triggers.

3. Baryta Carbonica 200 CK - a homeopathic M.D. subscribed this - 4 globules under the tongue on empty stomach healed tics after 4 weeks.

4. Cold air from freezer - open freezer door slightly to allow the frosty air reaches the eyes.

5. Eliminate yeast, and caffine - they stimulate endorphines that trigger tics

6. Alkaline diet - reduce sugar and eat an alkaline diet. See list of acidic and alkaline forming foods here