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rosemaryI've been losing alot more hair than I'm willing to give up for years. But as I'm getting older, I'd figured this is not good. So I'd research online for a natural remedy.

People have been using rosemary for improving the health of bodies and their hair for centuries.  And I happen to have a huge rosemary bush in my backyard.  What a blessing! I've learn how to make a hydrosol from the plant.

See a youtube video of how to make rosemary hydrosol here

After it's made, I put it through a coffee filter to remove impurities and to prevent mold & bacteria growth. Store in a glass jar in a cool dry place. This has lasted over 1 yr. 

How to use: After washing your hair, towel dry. Use a dropper and apply the hydrosol directly onto the scalp.  Massage the hydrosol into your scalp, then dry as normal.  Do this everytime after you wash your hair. You will slowly begin to notice the difference after 3-6 mos. For other benfits of rosemary, culinary uses, and remedies for other ailments, click on the references below. You'll be amazed!