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Gettting a good night sleep of 7-8 hr may be more beneficial than you thought. It can keep your blood pressure low (shoot for 115/75).
What: Getting 6hr/night can raise your blood pressure by a whopping 37%.
How: Lack of sleep causes your nervous system goes into overdrive, boosting your stress hormones and throwing your whole body into high gear.  Your pupils will dialate, your heart rate will increase, and your digestion slows down, and worse....over times, the stress hormone turn the temporary spikes into permanent high blood pressure.

Does catching up sleep work?
No, not really. Research shows people who get just 6 hours on week nights, then crash for 10 hours on both Saturdays and Sundays, still show strong signs of sleep deprivation. Not only you feel groggy, it's also linked to everything from inflammation and depression to, yep, obesity. Lack of shut-eye throws your appetite hormones into a gimme-more mode, and affects blood sugar levels in ways that up the odds of big weight gains. Go to bed early. Do it tonight!